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                DESIGNED BY TUNEFUL

                3层调高豪华型门厅和大堂 项目入户大堂采用三进式大堂设计。分为大堂玄关、大堂、门厅和电梯前室。让回家的路也颇具仪式感。在大堂和门厅设置了沙发、茶几,为业主简单会客提供便利场所。 Three-storey uplifted luxurious entrance and hall Here adopts three-hall design. There is the hallway, the hall, the vestibule and the atria in front of the elevator. Householders can get the ceremonial sense on their way home. And they can also meet their guests in the hall and vestibule where sofas and tea tables are available.

                豪华大堂吧 尊享自由时间 在酒店的大堂吧中将星级服务和自由会客兼收,是一场于优雅中渗透着尊贵的美妙体验。整体风格奢华、内敛的大堂吧让人虽然地处闹市却阅尽平静。 Luxurious hall and free time Householders here can enjoy the star-class service and meet guests freely in the hall, experiencing the senses of grace and dignity during the wonderful time. The whole style of the hall is luxurious, graceful and steady. It’s the best place for you to calm down your mind and experience the peace in the busy city.

                高速电梯系统 采用世界著名品牌的智能系统门窗,三菱高速电梯,安全之外更显豪华尊贵体验。 High speed elevator system World-famous brand intelligent systems of windows and doors and Mitsubishi high-speed elevators are adopted. Security is promised besides the luxury and distinguished experience.

                4米层高独创空中休闲中庭 独创4米层高空中休闲景区,景观细部精雕细琢,特选大量名贵树种;定制环境标识系统……,无不给人以强烈的舒适感和尊贵感。 Original air courtyard with four-meter height between floors The original air courtyard is a leisure zone. Details of the miniature garden are created with great care. A large number of rare tree species are picked and environment identifying system customized— all the elaborate schemes serve superlative comfort and great superiority.

                顶层空中全球智能家居精英会所 汇集并整合庞大的资源体系,致力于为每位崇尚高贵生活的极少派圈子人士,提供最优质的“生活+生意”平台,真正让会员感受无所在不在的小圈子文化和相关利益。 Elite club of global intelligent home furnishing in the air on the top floor Huge resource systems are collected and integrated here, offering the best platform of “lives + business” for every one of the elite circles who advocate the noble life. Members will realize the ubiquitous salon culture and relative benefits indeed.