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What is Gala Bingo?

For over twenty years, Gala Bingo has been the UK’s most loved and trusted Bingo operator, a solid household name in the gaming industry, with over 143 clubs, 5 million members, and paying out prizes across retail and online of over £42 million per week.

But what’s Gala Bingo REALLY all about?

Well, in a nutshell, GB is all about entertainment, a sense of community and having fun… what GB calls ‘Play Happy’
This is what makes it what GB are and it’s what you love about GB.

It’s an awesome mix of:

Community: Gala Bingo is about making friends, with Chat Hosts and members always having a laugh and enjoying the great banter in the chat rooms. It’s a warm and friendly place where you’ll always be made to feel welcome.

Thrills: There’s nothing quite like watching those numbers come up, waiting for the one that’s going to have your name flashing as the winner – it really is an eyes-wide-open experience! And at Gala Bingo, there’s plenty of ways to taste that thrill with our large selection of jackpots and huge variety of rooms to choose from.

Value: Remember when you could go into a sweet shop with 10p and come out with a bag full of sweets AND change to spare? Here at Gala Bingo, there’s games starting at just 0p – how cool is that? Yep, that’s free bingo thrills to be had every day! Now that’s what we call keeping ‘good old days’ value alive.
So that’s what Gala is really all about – giving you a warm, welcoming place to play the great bingo games you love, and for much less than you might think!

If you’re not part of the Gala Bingo community yet, sign up (it’s really quick!) and take a look around – we’re waiting to welcome you. 🙂
Gala Bingo – Play Happy!


Gala Bingo: Games and Promotional Offers for Never-Ending Fun

Gala Bingo has the UK’s largest selection of online bingo games, making it the No. 1 site for bingo lovers around the world. Regardless of experience, you’re sure to find a bingo game that suits your level. Whether you enjoy participating in bingo rooms or seek out television-inspired games, Gala Bingo is sure to meet your preferences.

90-Ball Bingo

If 90-ball bingo is your favorite, you can find it right here. This type of bingo is a popular variant played in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. To play, you start with a collection of tickets that include three horizontal rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four blank spaces. The first column is dedicated for numbers 1 through 0, while the second is for 10 through 19, and so forth.

There are always three winning patterns in 90-ball bingo. The first winner is the individual who has all of his or her numbers marked on any one line of a ticket. Second prize goes to the individual who marks all numbers within two lines. The biggest prize (and third-named winner) is the person who marks all 15 numbers on his or her ticket. Some of the 90-ball bingo games offered on Gala Bingo include Velocity, Lucky Numbers Bingo, and Emmerdale Bingo.

75- and 80-Ball Bingo

Gala Bingo also has 75- and 80-ball bingo for those who prefer this version. To play, you receive a card with a 5-by-5 grid with a “free” central square. The first column (B) is for numbers 1 through 15, followed by the “I,” “N,” “G,” and “O” columns, which contain the next sequence of 15 numbers (totaling 75). Area 75, “Deal or No Deal,” and Interstate 75 are some of the 75-ball bingo games available on Gala Bingo.

80-ball bingo games, which feature a 4-by-4 playing card, are also hosted on Gala Bingo. The first column on an 80-ball bingo game card is dedicated to numbers 1 through 20, and so forth. The 1980 Club game is one 80-ball bingo game you may want to check out.

Other Bingo Games and Promotions

GB also feature 40- and 50-ball bingo games, such as Rainbow Riches and Bingo Lotto, for those who prefer these varieties. You can also participate in bingo rooms, which are hosted live during specific times of the day.

Finally, Gala Bingo has a wide range of promotions you can participate in at any time. For example, why not take a look at the Daily-Deals which allow you to Play Happy all Week with the various promotions available everyday throughout the week.

Whether you love live bingo or enjoy playing alone on your downtime, Gala Bingo has everything you need to have fun.

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