PornHub Casino Bikini Party – Big blackjack bonuses 2016

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Pornhub Casino Bikini Party with big blackjack bonuses

pornhub casino bikini party blackjack bonus

PornhubCasino brings you Bikini Party 2016,where the sexy and hot dealers will come in some of the sexiest beach wear known to mankind!  The party starts at the 10th of December and ending on the 11th of December!

Bikini Party Bonus (for Blackjack and Blackjack Unlimited):
2 Queen of Hearts Bonus: if you get 2 Queen of hearts in a row you win 1000.00$ instantly!
2 Queen of Hearts Super Bonus: if you get 2 Queen of hearts in a row and the dealer has a blackjack, you win 25,000.00$ instantly!

And the big one:
Hot 7’s Bonus: if you get 3 sevens’ (7) in a row in the same hand, and they are all suited, you win 10,000.00$ instantly!

Bikini Crazy at Pornhubcasino, win 500k!

Wild Zero’s: if you get 4 number 0 in a row you and all the players that hand split 500,000.00$ instantly!
Example: 4 number zero’s (0-0-0-0), four consecutive zero’s, and you were betting on all four spins, you are now eligible to part of the 500k USD prize.

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