How to Get Started With Playing Online Bingo

Last update April 5th, 2017.

Here you will find everything you need to know how to play online bingo, from how to sign up and make a deposit or maybe just take the free bingo money and start playing immediately.


How To Play Online Bingo?

Have you ever wondered what online bingo is like – Playing Bingo online is fun, fast and convenient.

Bingo rules and instructions

bingo ticket bonus money get stardted

Bingo tickets

  • Choose a site – Free Money offer Site or a Deposit Bonus Site
  • Sign up
  • Buy Bingo tickets
  • You can choose to dab the numbers yourself or let your computer do it for you
  • If you choose to play many tickets, let the computer dab the numbers for you
  • When you get a Bingo the software will call it for you automatically




Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Online Bingo Site

You need to make sure you’re playing on a safe site before you put your hard-earned cash on the line.
The best online bingo sites are highly monitored and have to go through countless audits by gaming organizations these days.
Every aspect of the bingo site is analyzed including its random number generator and encryption process. And every bingo room reviewed and listed by has received certification from an authorized online gaming regulatory body.

best bingo site play

Sign-Up Bonus

Every online bingo site will give you some soft of reward, for opening an account and making a deposit.
Some bingo rooms will offer a big sign-up bonus that takes a lot of time to unlock. Some bingo sites will give you a small but immediate bonus.
Others will give you free tickets or free cash that`s called a no deposit bonus.
Make sure you pick the one that fits you best.

Each bingo site has a different user interface, and while this won’t be the first thing you think about when you’re considering online bingo, it could be something that greatly enhances your experience on the site. Look for a site that allows you to easily navigate. The bingo software on the site you choose should be visually attractive and easy for you to use.
Most bingo sites also have play-money versions, so it might be worth to play around a bit before you put money into your online account.

bonus sign up

Bingo Bonus?

This article will explain the various types of bonuses you will be offered at online Bingo sites. Almost every Bingo site on the Internet offers a sign-up bonus for making your first deposit but not all bonuses are created equal.

What is a Bingo Bonus?

A Bingo bonus is simply a cash reward from an online Bingo site to players who make a deposit.

Why Do Online Bingo Sites Offer Bonuses?

Online Bingo sites use bonuses as incentives to encourage players to sign up, deposit money and keep playing with them.

What Kinds of Bingo Bonuses Are There?

  1. No Deposit Bonus – No Deposit Bonuses are popular with online Bingo players, as they are effectively free money that the Bingo Site gives you, without you having to make a deposit first.
  2. Welcome, New Player or Sign Up Bonus – As their name implies online Bingo sites offer you a particularly lucrative welcome offer if you decide to visit their site and fund your account for the first time. These offers are usually the best deals that you will get from an online Bingo Room and it is really worth taking them up if the site looks good to you.  The online casino offers to match your initial deposit by a certain percentage if your deposit meets their minimum requirement.  So, for example, if you are required to deposit at least $25 and the site promises to match that amount by 100%, you can find yourself with $50 to play with before you even start. That`s a nice deal!
  3. Reload Bonus – From time to time Bingo Sites will offer a Reload bonus to its players. A reload bonus is simply a cash reward for a player who deposits more money into his or her account. Usually this follows the same matching format as the initial deposit, albeit it’s usually for less money.


What are the different Bingo game types?

Bingo is a very simple game to play and it`s easy to learn the rules. There are a few different variations of the game, 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and 30 ball bingo are all traditional formats. Then there are couple more variations of the game, which we will go over in this article. But let`s start with the traditional bingo types.

So you’re new to bingo and you are not sure about how to play bingo….Well you’ve come to the right place let’s jump straight into it. To start each player buys at least one ticket which is made up of a grid of numbers.

Then when the game gets going numbered balls are drawn at random and called out. If a numbered ball corresponds to a number on your ticket this number is dogged off. The objective is to form full columns, rows, diagonals, or all of the numbers on your ticket depending on the type of bingo game you’re playing.

Here are some of the most common types of bingo games:

In 75 ball bingo there are 75 numbered balls that can be called and tickets are bought individually. Each ticket is made of a five by five grid with a number in each square ,apart from the center one this is called a free square and it can be used to complete rows, columns or diagonal lines with four dorp numbers.

There is also 75 ball variant which is similar to 75 ball but tickets are purchased in strips of three and there aren’t any free squares, in both types of 75 ball bingo there are five prizes up for grabs in each game.

The first prize pays out to the first player to make a line in any direction, after that it’s just horizontal lines and prizes payout for two, three or four lines and the last prize pays out for a full house.

The third type is 90 ball which as you may have guessed has 90 numbered balls. Tickets are made up of a nine by three grid each with 15 numbers on them and the rest of the squares blank. In ninety ball prizes are awarded for making one line, two lines and a full house and it’s as simple as that.

So head on over to the free bingo sites to try out for free and get started – you can also play all of mentioned bingo games on the go from your smartphone or tablet as most bingo sites support those devices.

How to win on online bingo

Bingo winning patterns – More in depth explanations of the available bingo games: 

90 ball bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the most traditional form of Bingo, and is played with balls numbered from 1 to 90.
Tickets are made up of three lines containing five numbers each. There can be prizes for one line, two lines and full-house. A full-house is all three lines.

90 ball bingo ticket

90 ball bingo ticket


75 ball bingo

75 ball is most popular in North America, while those in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe will typically be more familiar with 90 ball.

In 75 ball bingo, the card is a 5 x 5 grid that contains 24 numbers with a blank in the middle square. Each column is labeled with a letter, so that B-I-N-G-O is spelled out across the top, and the numbers in each column fall within a specified range. The ranges are 1-15 (in the B column), 16-30 (I), 31-45 (N), 46-60 (G) and 61-75 (O).

75 ball bingo ticket

75 ball bingo ticket


30 ball bingo

30 ball bingo is less well known, it`s also known as Speed Bingo. 30-ball bingo is a new form of Online Bingo and the Bingo game is played fast. Perhaps the best thing about 30 ball Bingo is the fact that the time that it takes to play a game is literally cut in half, meaning faster results and quicker jackpot winners. A great version for players who wanna have a quick bingo playing session.

30 ball bingo ticket

30 ball bingo ticket get started

Now let`s take a look at the other Bingo variations.

In the 80-Ball Bingo game, a ticket is an individual grid of 16 squares made up of 4 rows and 4 columns.

80 ball bingo ticket

Numbers between 1 and 20 appear in the first column, the numbers between 21 and 40 appear in the second column, and so on. The winning patterns vary from site to site, but most sites offer the standard patterns: one line, two lines, full house.



Best time to play online bingo – Is there strategy in Online Bingo?strategy

There are couple of things you can do to get luckier.

  • Play free Bingo tickets when available to maximize your winning chances.
  • Play the free Chat quiz games.
  • Play Bingo at a time when not many players are logged on. Play on an American or European Bingo site depending on the time of day to avoid heavy competition.
  • Buy many tickets (Your odds are inversely proportional to the number of competing cards in the online bingo room.)
  • Jackpots tend to be higher at weekends, but it is also important to remember that on weekends sometimes rooms can get a bit overcrowded.

How to sign up?

1. Choose your site – If you don`t want to make a deposit choose the free money site below under this article BingoFest.

But if you going to make a deposit try the Paf site in his tutorial. Paf is a very safe site to play at, always on time withdrawals and very friendly support.
Let`s start with the user friendly
Click on sign up.

sign up bongo bonus

bingo start page paf




2. Click next on the “join now free” button.

join play bingo on paf

paf bingo





3. Now just fill in your information.
You will get the 20 Euros and Free Spins automatically after you make a minimum deposit, you dont have to use a bonus code.

sign up page paf bingo

sign up




4. Click on the deposit button

deposit method on paf

free spins €20 cash




5. Choose your deposit method.

deposit options






6. Fill out your deposit details and start playing.

Online bingo free – Yes you can get free real money!

Another great bingo site is Bingo Fest, as they are giving away $25 free for you to start playing bingo. No credit card details needed!




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