Chat Games and Chat Phrases

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What is a chat game?

Whilst you are enjoying your game of bingo you can also join in the chat with your fellow roomies. They’re a fun and friendly way of getting to know your fellow roomies and chat masters, whilst playing for some bonus rewards. Chat games gives you a chance to win extra prizes while playing bingo.

How to join the chat game?        chat-games

It`s simple! When you play a game of bingo you need to keep the chat room/window open. Then keep your eyes open for the chat host, for the host of those chat bingo games will enlighten you on what the next game bonus payout will be and what to do.


Chat Phrases

As Bingo has been around for ages, lots of fun lingo and phrases have popped up during games and many of them have stuck over the years. And just like with text messaging, online bingo has also developed its own lingo.

Let`s have a look at them:

1TG – One To Go
2TG – Two To Go
3TG – Three To Go
BEHAVE – Oh behave yourself
BEST – All the best
BINGO – Bingo!
BOL – best of Luck
BRAVE – You’re brave
BRB – Be Right Back
BYE – Bye
CBS – Come back soon
CU – See You
DAFT – Don’t be daft
DAHLIN – All right, darling?
DBL – Don’t Be Long
DCL – Don’t cry love
FUNNY – Now that’s funny
G2BB – Great to be back
GL – Good Luck
GLA – Good Luck All
GLEV1 – Good Luck Everyone
GOOD4U – Good For You
GS – Great Stuff
HB – Hurry Back
HEREUR – Here you are
HIA – Hi All
HIEV1 – Hi Everyone
HIT – Hit me
HOUSE – House!
HOWRU – Ho are you?
HURRY – Hurry Up Roomies
LADS – Away lads
LOL – Laugh Out Loud
LOSE – Do you ever lose?
MAMAMIA – Mama Mia
MMM – Mmm
MONEY – Show me the Money!
N2BB – Nice to be back
NP – No Problem
NT – You’re Nearly There
OOPS – Oops
QUEEN – Save the Queen
SAY – You don’t say
SHOUT – Shout it out
SMOKIN – Smoking!
SS – So Sorry
SUPER – Super Duper
TY – Thank You
TYU2 – You Too, Thank You
TYVM – Thank You Very Much
U2 – You Too
URBEST – You’re the best
URMONEY – It’s your money
WB – Welcome Back
WD – Well Done
WIN – Nice Win
WTG – Way To Go
YNT – You’re Nearly There
YW – You’re Welcome


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